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» Fisheries Programs in North-West Russia
  •Sustainable aquaculture and responsible management of fishery resources in North-West Russia 
  •Preparation of Codes of Good Environmental Practice in Fish Farming for the Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad Oblast 
  •Fisheries Development Program in North-West Russia 
» Capacity building for the development of cold water fish farming in Vietnam
» Capacity building for the development of arapaima farming in the San Martin region – special focus on breeding strategy and feed development

Environmental Practice in Fish Farming for the Republic of Karelia and the Leningrad Oblast

Aquaculture has been growing extremely fast and the sector has become an important source of livelihood in rural areas of North-West Russia. The production has increased eight times during last decade and rapid growth is expected to continue also in near future. Due to increased production, also environmental awareness has arisen.

Photo: Juha-Pekka Turkka


The main object of the "Preparation of Codes of Good Environmental Practice in Fish Farming" -project is to ensure sustainable growth of the sector also in the future by offering "tools" for aquaculture companies and authorities to support development of efficient and environmentally sound production.


As an outcome of the project a manual of the best environmental practices will be produced. Due to diverse needs in the target groups, aquaculture companies and public sector, the manual have two main parts. The first and more practical part introduces the latest environmental practices and technologies and their pros and cons. The second part deals with regulations, operation guidance, licensing and follow-up of the activities. The latter part will describe current systems in both countries (Finland and Russia) to give wider perspective for further development of Russian practices.

Project leader

Tapio Kiuru

Other persons

Jouni Vielma, Juha-Pekka Turkka, Unto Eskelinen, Markus Kankainen

Antti Ylitalo (Regional State Administrative Agencies)

Jukka Hartikainen (Savo-Karjala Region's Water Protection Association)

Local coordinators:
Nikolai Popov (Agriculture Committee of Leningrad Region)
Igor Pepelyaev (The Ministry of Agriculture, Fish and Hunting Industry of the Republic of Karelia)




Text version

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