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from 1.1.2015.
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Game-, Reindeer- and AquaFood Research Program – GRAF :
» Consumer needs and expectations in the global markets
» Healthy, tasty, and high-quality food products
» Diverse and sustainable food production
» Changes in livelihoods and business sector competitiveness
» Projects 

Changes in livelihoods and business sector competitiveness

Forecasts in the trends of companies producing, upgrading, and selling fish, game, and reindeer products are developed.

Branch research

The goal of this sub-theme is identify diversification potential within the food production stream, including the necessary measures to create and sustain diversification. This goal is met through analysis of the structure and function of industries.

Analyses of operating environments

The goals of this sub-theme are to monitor the changes in operating environments and to assess their effects on food production. When possible, forecasts of impacts due to changes in operating environments are also made.


Markets for products of captive fisheries
Action plan for sustainable aquaculture in Åland
Software for assessing the profitability of fish farming
Effects of location guidance on the fish farming economy
Environmental investment in fish farming
Research on the selective breeding of whitefish
New wave
Utilization of less-valuable fish material in food, feed and bioenergy

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