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from 1.1.2015.
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Game-, Reindeer- and AquaFood Research Program – GRAF :
» Consumer needs and expectations in the global markets
» Healthy, tasty, and high-quality food products
» Diverse and sustainable food production
» Changes in livelihoods and business sector competitiveness
» Projects 

Diverse and sustainable food production

The research provides companies with information on economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable production. The economic, biological, and technical potential for sustainable production are assessed, and the technologies supportive of sustainable production are developed.

Feasibility studies on new hatchery species

The goal of this sub-theme is to assess the biological and economical potential of new farmed animal species for production, with an emphasis on market demand and impact on the stages in the food production chain.

Production technologies for new farmed species

The goal of this sub-theme is to develop new production technologies to improve the financial gain from farmed animals within any part of the production chain. Currently, the focal species in fish research are whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus) and pike perch (Sander lucioperca).

Eco-friendly production technologies

The goal of this sub-theme is to reduce the environmental impact of fish farming practices. Lower impact practices are identified and developed, and the feasibility of implementation is assessed. Furthermore, the corporate readiness to adopt these practices is analyzed.

New fish feeds and feeding innovations

The goal of this sub-theme is improve fish feeds and feeding regimens to reduce the environmental nutrient loads of fish farming, to decrease dependence on ocean fish for feed, and to increase feed conversion and utilization efficiency. This research is conducted in cooperation with the fish feed industry.


Action plan for sustainable aquaculture in Åland
Effects of location guidance on the fish farming economy
Environmental investment in fish farming
Diversifying aquaculture
Research on the selective breeding of whitefish
Regulating the sexual maturity of rainbow trout in food fish production
The quality of European whitefish in the supply chain
Research on production biology
New wave

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