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from 1.1.2015.
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Game-, Reindeer- and AquaFood Research Program – GRAF :
» Consumer needs and expectations in the global markets
» Healthy, tasty, and high-quality food products
» Diverse and sustainable food production
» Changes in livelihoods and business sector competitiveness
» Projects 
  •Developing Reindeer husbandry and Reindeer meat market
  •Markets for products of captive fisheries
  •BENEFISH – the economic impact of the welfare of fish in European fish farming
  •Development of fish product quality research
  •Effects of live-chilling on product quality
  •Regulating the sexual maturity of rainbow trout in food fish production
  •Improving fish quality
  •The quality of European whitefish in the supply chain
  •Electric stunning of vendace
  •Action plan for sustainable aquaculture in Åland
  •Effects of location guidance on the fish farming economy
  •Environmental investment in fish farming
  •Diversifying aquaculture
  •Research on the selective breeding of whitefish
  •Research on production biology
  •New wave
  •Software for assessing the profitability of fish farming
  •Economic success factors of the reindeer husbandry  
  •Fish Consumption and the Catering Sector 
  •Utilization of less-valuable fish material in food, feed and bioenergy

BENEFISH – the economic impact of the welfare of fish in European fish farming

The goal of the project

The goal of the project is to assess the economic effects of action taken to improve the welfare of fish and produce information and tools for decision-making in the fish farming industry.

The welfare of fish is a function of several mutually interacting factors − fish should be in good health, their habitat should have enough water volume and their diet should be balanced. This project’s objective is to analyse how investment in fish welfare affects the economic competitiveness of European fish farming. During the project, the farming of salmon (Salmo salar), rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), turbot (Psetta maxima) and seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax) are studied in different kinds of production environments: from net cages to recirculation systems. Cooperation partners from several European countries are taking part in the programme.

Scientist in charge of project

Markus Kankainen
Turku Game and Fisheries Research
Itäinen Pitkäkatu 3, FIN- 20520-Turku, Finland
Phone: +358 295 327 687

Other research staff: Jari Setälä, Kari Ruohonen, Jouni Vielma, Kaija Saarni


Transnational Consulting Partnership TNC (EU), the universities of Glasgow and Stirling (UK), Swedish Board of Fisheries ,Veterinärinstitutet (Norway), Wageningen University (Netherlands), and Ifremer (France). Several European enterprises and other actors within the sector are also participating.

Duration: 2007–2010

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