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The Baltic Sea Research Programme:
» Grey seal, cormorant and fisheries 
» Prerequisities for effective fishery on costal cyprinids
» Mapping of fish reproduction areas
» Harmfull substances and ecotoxicology
» Status of the Baltic Sea, impacts and monitoring methods 
  •Integrated Assessments of the Baltic Sea: Structure of fish assemblages in the coastal waters of Finland
  •Population dynamics of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) and perch (Perca fluviatilis) in the coastal waters of Baltic Sea, Finland
  •Innovative approaches for marine biodiversity monitoring and assessment of conservation status of nature values in the Baltic Sea (MARMONI)

Integrated Assessments of the Baltic Sea: Structure of fish assemblages in the coastal waters of Finland

The structure of fish assemblages and fish stocks is studied using standard multimesh gillnets in the annual monitoring program in different parts of the Baltic Sea. Other contributing partners are Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and HELCOM. The monitoring areas in Finland are Brunskär (Archipelago Sea) since 1992, Helsinki and Espoo sea area and Tvärminne since 2005 (Gulf of Finland).


Long-term changes in the fish assemblages that reflect the state of the coastal waters are monitored in collaboration with other Baltic Sea countries and HELCOM.


The monitoring program produces information on those fish stocks that are not targeted by commercial or recreational fishing. The program is useful in the development of indicators describing the state of the Baltic Sea e.g. in connection with the Marine Strategy Directive.

Project's leader

Outi Heikinheimo

Other persons

Jukka Mikkola, Antti Lappalainen, Karl Sundman, Tauno Nurmio, Hannu Harjunpää, Pirkko Söderkultalahti


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 » Assessment of Coastal Fish in the Baltic Sea (Helcom 2006, Balt. Sea Environ. Proc. No. 103 A) 
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