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from 1.1.2015.
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Exploitation of fish stocks:
» The recovery of River Mustajoki trout (RIFCI)
» Monitoring fish stocks in Lake Inari and the results of stocking
» Fish studies in the reservoirs Lokka and Porttipahta
» Management of fish stocks in Lake Oulujärvi
» Proper size of a pikeperch fingerling for stocking
» Genetic research 
» Finnish Fish Atlas and Register 
» Management of the Saimaa Arctic charr
» Restoration of the natural migration of land-locked salmon
» Effectiveness of fishing regulations

Exploitation of fish stocks

This research programme produces knowledge on the stocking of fish, the impact of fishing, the biodiversity of fish stocks. Information is needed to plan, carry out and assess the results of the management of fisheries.

Whitefish caught with a net.
Photo: Ari Saura
The programme consists of 20 projects, among which the most important subject areas are

1. regulation of fishing

2. success of fish stocking

3. biodiversity of fish populations

The tagging of fish is often used to aid research into the management of fish stocks. Tagging helps us to increase our knowledge of the migration, growth, and catches of fish.

Improving the state of fisheries

The guide “Kalavedet kuntoon (In Swedish: “Bättre fiskevatten) provides useful information on how to select ideal fish species and high-quality young of fish and crayfish for stocking and how the mesh size of a net affects the size of the fish caught.

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