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Commercially exploited fish species in Finland:
» Arctic charr
» Asp
» Atlantic salmon
» Bream
» Brook trout
» Brown trout
» Burbot
» Carp
» Cod
» Eel
» Flounder
» Fourhorn sculpin
» Grayling
» Herring
» Ide
» Lake trout
» Lamprey
» Peled whitefish
» Perch
» Pike
» Rainbow trout
» Roach
» Ruffe
» Smelt
» Sprat
» Tench
» Turbot
» Vendace
» Whitefish
» Vimba
» Zander

Commercially exploited fish species in Finland

Fish Atlas

This Finnish Fish Atlas includes information on 31 fish, which are considered to have some trade value in Finland. These species are ruled by national Fishing Act, and are mandated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Non-commercial fish species are ruled by the Ministry of the Environment.

The characteristics of each of the 31 species are described together with the information on their range, occurrence, nutrition, growth and reproduction. In addition, general views on fishing, catches and potential current management activities and threats to the stocks are given.

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