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Reindeer research

In order to develop reindeer herding and to support its administration, it is necessary to conduct basic and applied multidiscipline research programs which focus on the practical constraints of reindeer herding. Information related to the planning of land use, economic life, the scientific community and public needs are all areas receiving heightened attention. The aim is to advance our knowledge and to share newfound ideas in an effort to sustain and improve reindeer husbandry in Finland. The greater part of research is carried out in co-operation with national and international research institutes and universities.

Reindeer herding includes the production chain from natural pastures to ready-
made reindeer products. Photo Mauri Nieminen

The three most important fields of reindeer research are: pastures, population dynamics, and herding. In pasture research, the quality, quantity, and productivity of reindeer pastures are examined. Reindeer population dynamics concentrate on factors that specifically influence productivity. As a whole, reindeer herding is concerned with the economy of the business. Profits acquired from the sale of meat, milk, hides, and antlers greatly influence the level of success of the reindeer herding industry. Studies on the economy of reindeer husbandry are conducted in co-operation with the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute socioeconomic and aquaculture research programs.

Studies at the Reindeer Research Station, Kaamanen, Finland are conducted
by researchers from various Finnish and foreign univeristies an institutes.
Photo Mauri Nieminen

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 Economic success factors of the reindeer husbandry 
 Reindeer herding is a significant rural business in Northern Finland, also in terms of tourism and food processing. However reindeer husbandry has faced difficulties during past few years. The markets for reindeer meat markets have been unstable, and the profitability of reindeer herding has been poor.  

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